Fluted Cartons

'E' Flute

Having length of 90 flutes/linear feet, features light weight and strong alternative to Mono cartons. Excellent for custom size die cut boxes. Flute height approximately 1/16" allows excellent crush resistance; good rinted surface, thin construction allows less storage sace.


Smaller Industrial parts (OEMS, etc) Equipments, Fragile items like glass & ceramics, Gadgets, toys, Toiletries, soaps and detergents, industrial threads, liquor, food products, pizza boxes, footwear

'F' Flute:

The new age flute having 128-flutes/linear feet, tiny in appearance just half the thickness of E flute and popular choice for the corrugated industry. Provides outstanding printed surface, excellent crush resistance. The construction allows for tiffer cartons an alternate for mono cartons to achieve required strength, stability and safety of products. It's almost 1.32" in visible height.


Incense Sticks (Agarbatti), Moibile Phones, International Packaging Products, Lifestyle products like Electronic Items, Perfumes, Consumer durables, pharma, toiletries, liquor, food products, footwear

'B' Flute

Corrugated boxes with B Flute having a running lngth of 49 flutes / linear feet and height arox. 1/8" for packing. Heavy tools and other accessories. It provides good stacking strength according to product requirements with multi colour printing and other down the line requirements. This type of fluting helps in giving good puncture resistance and also good crushing resistance.


Customer specified bursting strength values will be maintained.


Small to medium industrial tools, Home appilances, food and beverages, etc.

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